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The Frasier Online Guide to 'Frasier': About Frasier Online

This page provides details about Frasier Online itself, including it's history and contributors.

Frasier Online was originally created to fill a gap in the 'Frasier' websites that are available on the Internet - one that gives information about the show from a British perspective. This is not to say there isn't a wealth of information about 'Frasier' for fans from the rest of the world - far from it - but I felt a site that was UK oriented was an important addition to the wealth of information available about the show on the Internet. I also wanted to concentrate more on assessing the individual episodes - hence you will find a detailed episode guide as the heart of this site. It includes all the basic episode information but for a lot of the episodes I have selected the best moments of it, followed by a short review and rating for that episode.

So why do I like 'Frasier'? Well, I think it offers a skillful mix of great writing, wonderful physical comedy and a raft of excellent performances from a great cast. It makes for intelligent and inspired viewing and when 'Frasier' is on top form, there are very few comedy series that can beat it.

Hope you enjoy the site.

Stuart Lee
[Frasier Online Site Creator & Maintainer]

Site versions:

Version 1: Original version, launched in early 1999, complete with Frames (shudder..) and the wooden background. No forum at this point, just a guestbook which was continually filled with spam.

Version 2: Launched in Septmber 2000, this version saw a radical overhaul of the site, losing the Frames, and adding a page header with links to all the major sections. The wooden background remained, and over time a forum (based on Phorum software) was added to the site, replacing the rather ugly Message Board that had itself supersed the guestbook. A rating section was available also for site visitors to rate episodes out of ten. However, thanks to a major data loss by my hosts, all this data was lost and was replaced with a far superior Review and Rating System allowing visitors to rate and review individual episodes and give it a percentage rating just like the one's I write for the episode guide.

Version 3: Launched late November 2005, the site moved to a new server and sported a fresher look and feel. The forum was migrated to phpbb, and a gallery added as well. Also, the viewer submitted reviews were more tightly integrated with the latest viewer submitted one appearing on the same page as the corresponding episode guide page.


Dreamweaver Templates - Where I got the template that the site was re-designed with

Jocelyn Briggs - Major forum contributor, and the person responsible for putting together the information on the writers and directors pages.