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The Frasier Online Guide to 'Frasier': Links

On this page you'll find links to other 'Frasier' and 'Frasier'-related websites.

'Frasier' at - This used to be, and if you can get past the rather slow loading of pages, there's a good episode guide and you can review each episode too, plus character information and pictures too. - A 'Frasier' Archive site that contains the transcripts from the now unavailable Frasier Files.

IMDB entry for 'Frasier' - The Internet Movie Database page for 'Frasier'.

Frasier Mania - The discussion forum of

Frasier Fan Club - A new forum setup by a former Frasier Online forum user, now that the one on this site is locked and read only

Frasier IRC Chat Channel - Server: / channel: #frasier. Or go to for the IRC web based Java version.

Show Person: The David Hyde Pierce website - A new DHP fan site, with info on his work, a gallery and a forum.

The Jane Leeves Domain - A new Jane Leeves fan site