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The Frasier Online Guide to 'Frasier': Frasier Night On C4 (01/01/1999)

On January 1st 1999, Channel 4 in the UK broadcast 'Frasier Night', which was a mix of episodes and specially commissioned documentaries about the show. This page looks at what programmes were broadcast, including some screenshots.


A series of specially commissioned sequences showing Eddie at a restaurant introduces the running order of 'Frasier Night', which was:

My Favourite Frasier - 9pm
Frasier's Favourite Frasier - 9.30pm
The Frasier Story - 10pm
Frasier - The People's Choice - 10.40pm
Cheers - 11.10pm



My Favourite Frasier

The first show of the night gave both cast and celebrities the chance to select their favourite episode (which would have been from the first 5 seasons as the show was broadcast just before the start of the 6th season in the UK). Jerry Springer was among the celebrities (he picked "The Adventures of Bad Boy and Dirty Girl"), while among the cast here's their choice of favourite episodes:

Kelsey Grammer - Our Father Whose Art Ain't Heaven
David Hyde Pierce - First Date
Jane Leeves - Moon Dance
John Mahoney - Travels With Martin
Peri Gilpin - The Kid
Dan Butler - Ham Radio

The programme was produced by Tiger Aspect Productions for C4.





Frasier's Favourite Frasier

Following on from the preceeding programme was a screening of Kelsey Grammer's choice of favourite
episode - Our Father Whose Art Ain't Heaven.



The Frasier Story

An excellent documentary, again produced by Tiger Aspect Productions, was a multi-faceted look at the show taking in how the show came about, the different characters including Eddie, and Niles' infatuation with Daphne among other things. In addition to the main cast, interviewees include the shows creators David Angel, Peter Casey and David Lee, the then Head Of Entertainment at NBC Warren Littlefield, and writing team and executive producers Christopher Lloyd and Joe Keenan.






Frasier - The People's Choice

C4 gave viewers the chance to vote on their favourite episode from a shortlist of five:

- An Affair To Forget
- Death And The Dog
- Ham Radio
- Moon Dance

The winner was 'Moon Dance'




To round off the night, C4 screeened the Cheers episode, "The Heart Is A Lonely Snipe Hunter", which was one of the first that really showed off Frasier's potential as a character on the show. This was followed by a trail for the start of Season 6 of the show, starting the following Friday at 10pm.