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The Frasier Online Guide to 'Frasier': FAQ's

I get a lot of e-mail from viewers, and there are a lot of posts on the discussion forums, often asking the same question. Hopefully this page will answer some of these questions. Please read through them before sending me a question to see if it has already been answered.

Q1) What is the episode where Niles faints at the sight of blood / where Niles sets Frasier's sofa on fire / where Niles is ironing a pair of trousers with calamitous results.

A1) The answer to this question is Episode 6.14 - Three Valentines.


Q2) Does the view from Frasier's apartment really exist?

A2) The shot of Seattle out of Frasier's window was taken by a camera up the side of a cliff, so it is a true shot of the city but it is not possible to get the same view out of any building within the city. Incidentally, the image measures 40 ft x 20ft. (Source: Roy Christopher, Set Designer of 'Frasier' - Season 1 DVD boxset)