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The Frasier Online Guide to 'Frasier': Characters

This page is a guide to the main characters in 'Frasier' over it's 11 seasons.

[NB: This page was copied across from the previous site version and is due for a serious rewrite in the near future]

Dr Frasier Crane

A psychiatrist, born in Seattle, who graduated from Harvard and spent some years of his life in Boston where he fell in love with a patient of his who was a waitress in a bar called "Cheers", who brutally rebuffed him by leaving him at the altar. However, he then met his future wife Dr Lilith Sternin at the same bar, married and had a son together, Frederick. Some may say he is snobbish, others say he is highly cultured with a love of good food, good wine and the opera. His one big downfall is unexplained reasoning - he must discover a reason why someone did a particular thing due to his scientific mind.

Dr Niles Crane

Frasier's younger brother, also a noted psychiatrist, with perhaps an even more cultured lifestyle, he is jealous of his brother's success via his radio show and so dismisses it as 'pop' psychology. Ever since Frasier hired Daphne Moon as Martin's physical therapist, he has been attacted to her - a desire that is apparent to everyone except Daphne herself. He was also married to Maris, a rich but exceptionally thin creature (never seen in the show), until recently when divorce proceedings began because Frasier convinced Niles to stand up for himself and tell Maris she could no longer order him around.

Martin Crane

Frasier and Niles' father who now lives with Frasier after a combination of old age, being shot in the hip and a fall in the shower prompted Frasier to take him in. A policeman for much of his life in Seattle, he was married to Hester (the boys' mother) and enjoys life with a combination of sport, Ballantyne beer and his cosy yet tatty armchair, which Frasier detests as he says it ruins his apartment. Martin's best friend is his dog, Eddie, who presence is another annoyance for Frasier. Martin is the real life antidote to the Crane boys' snobbish ways and often brings them back down to earth with a bite of a reality sandwich.

Daphne Moon

Hired as Martin's healthcare worker, Daphne has become an accepted part of the Crane family over time. Originally from Manchester, Ms Moon has a psychic ability that is both a help and a hindrance, and an extraordinary ability to ignore Niles' pursuit of her. Always helpful and easy to get along with, she is never far from telling us one of Grammy Moon's anecdotes or a story about her family which includes her 5 brothers.

Roz Doyle

Frasier's producer at KACL whose frequent sexual exploits are often the target for jokes by Niles and Frasier. Recently she became a single mother after giving birth to Alice May Doyle.


Among the other regulars are:

Bob 'Bulldog' Briscoe

The resident sports jock on KACL, who was sacked from KACL during the Season Finale of Season 6, 'Shutout In Seattle'


Gil Chesterson

The restaurant critic at KACL.


Kenny Daly

The KACL station manager, first seen in Episode 5.24 - Sweet Dreams